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05:39 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Bug #276 (Closed): Can't create GTalk XMPP account once a primary account exists.
The account creation tools for secondary accounts lacks the advanced settings needed to set accounts such as GTalk.
Fabian Rodriguez
05:35 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Bug #275 (Closed): Buttons are not localized in account creation wizard
Buttons at the bottom of the account creation wizard appear in French even though I am running an English version of ... Fabian Rodriguez
05:30 PM BEEM - Android XMPP Bug #274 (Closed): "XMPPP" should be "XMPP" on welcome screen (first run)
When first running Beem it says "You have not configured an XMPPP...". That should be XMPP.
I have guessed the ver...
Fabian Rodriguez

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