Release of Beem 0.1.5

Beem-0.1.5 is available for download
Added by Frédéric Barthéléry over 13 years ago

Hi all,

The Beem Team is proud to give us the version 0.1.5 of Beem.
You can download it here on the website.

Here is the changelog since 0.1.4 :
  • Bug #248: Switching servers while logged in
  • Bug #274: "XMPPP" should be "XMPP" on welcome screen (first run)
  • Bug #275: Buttons are not localized in account creation wizard
  • Bug #277: GUI uglinesses
  • Bug #284: Beem fails to authenticate - Wireshark analysis - DIGEST-MD5 protocol error?
  • Bug #293: Unable to view received messages.
  • Bug #298: Timestamp on german layout is a telephonenumber link
  • Bug #313: Mixed UI locale after installation
  • Bug #321: Exception when username does not have an @
  • Bug #324: Authorization request
  • Bug #329: White space before question mark
  • Feature #245: Add support for chat history
  • Feature #255: Accessing open chats
  • Feature #260: Minimal interface for chat windows
  • Feature #267: Include last chat text in status message
  • Feature #268: Soft keyboard improvements
  • Feature #280: Remove Fading edge in chats
  • Feature #286: Add support for XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities
  • Feature #295: xml
  • Feature #309: XEP-0084: User Avatar
  • Feature #310: Add an option to enable smack debugging in Logcat
  • Feature #316: Set last used status when (re)starting Beem client
  • Spanish translation
  • Italian translation
  • Swedish translation

A big thanks to all the people who contribute to Beem and keep supporting our work.

Come join us on the mailing list or on the muc or on IRC #beem on freenode.