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Minimal interface for chat windows

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On a My Touch 3g (and possibly others, but this is the only one I got) with virtual keyboard displayed, because of the size of the cartridge showing login, chat state and status message, there is room for only one line of the actual chat.

Would it be possible to add an option to put the cartridge informations in the application status bar? Where "Beem - Chat" is written.
This way, we would get more room for the chat. Right now, I have to dismiss the virtual keyboard to follow the conversation.


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Thank you for reporting the problem.
We will improve the layout of the chat activiy to display more chat message.


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Updated by Ciaran Gultnieks over 13 years ago

Can I suggest that as well as putting the remote user name and status into the 'title bar' as described above, we also (perhaps optionally):

1. Put the time and name at the start of each message, rather than on their own separate lines
2. Only show the date where it differs from the last message
3. Get rid of the horizontal lines between each message

I am also happy to lose the other status thing (e.g. 'pays attention to the conversation') in order to be able to actually see the conversation myself.

So the formatting would be more like you get in Pidgin. For example:

(23:59:41) Me: It's nearly midnight
(05/10/2010 00:00:20) Him: Not any more
(00:01:15) Me: Oh yeah

The reason I suggest all this could be optional is that presumably it's no problem for people with large screens, or a physical keyboard. For those of us with a traditional-sized screen and a virtual keyboard though, it makes Beem very unpleasant to use.


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