Beem-0.1.8 release candidate 2

The rc1 was unable to install on most devices. The rc2 just fix the installation
Added by Frédéric Barthéléry over 11 years ago

Hello folks,

The Beem-0.1.8-rc1 was an epic fail as the Apk was not able to install on most devices. I apologize for the inconvenience, but ... Hey this is the release candidate 2 !!!
There is no changes between the rc1 and the rc2, the apk is just generated properly.

Just a reminder of what was done between the 0.1.7 and the 0.1.8 :
Bug #384: NullPointerException dans MemorizingTrustManager
Bug #392: Notification settings inconsistencies
Bug #394: “Talk” notification
Bug #395: on small screen devices, onscreen keyboard covers input field
Bug #414: beem 1.7rc2, unable to create JID in-band
Bug #424: error login
Bug #426: add contact
Bug #430: Can not add buddy
Bug #449: Beem Authentication Bug
Bug #454: Cannot authenticate to
Bug #456: cann't create new account in STRICTMODE
Feature #66: Smiley
Feature #289: Colored Beem-Icon according to status
Feature #322: Option to list full JID in roster
Feature #408: Update MITM library to the latest version
Feature #425: Rework the CreateAccount activity
Feature #476: Add support for SCRAM-SHA-1 SASL Mechanism
Pull request #480: code cleanup

You can get it from our download page
If you have some questions, we are still available on the mailing list or on the muc or on IRC #beem on freenode.

Beem team.