Beem-0.1.8 release candidate

We are planning to release Beem-0.1.8 next week
Added by Frédéric Barthéléry over 11 years ago

Hello folks,

It is been a long time since the last release of Beem. We are planning to release the 0.1.8 version next week. It is time to send us update of the different translations. This version will contain some bug fix and a few UI improvements.

The complete list of related tickets :
Bug #384: NullPointerException dans MemorizingTrustManager
Bug #392: Notification settings inconsistencies
Bug #394: “Talk” notification
Bug #395: on small screen devices, onscreen keyboard covers input field
Bug #414: beem 1.7rc2, unable to create JID in-band
Bug #424: error login
Bug #426: add contact
Bug #430: Can not add buddy
Bug #449: Beem Authentication Bug
Bug #454: Cannot authenticate to
Bug #456: cann't create new account in STRICTMODE
Feature #66: Smiley
Feature #289: Colored Beem-Icon according to status
Feature #322: Option to list full JID in roster
Feature #408: Update MITM library to the latest version
Feature #425: Rework the CreateAccount activity
Feature #476: Add support for SCRAM-SHA-1 SASL Mechanism
Pull request #480: code cleanup

You can get it from our download page
If you have some questions, we are still available on the mailing list or on the muc or on IRC #beem on freenode.

Oh by the way, Happy Birthday Beem !!!

Beem team.