Beem-0.1.6 release candidate

I am glad to announce you the release candidate of Beem-0.1.6.
Added by Frédéric Barthéléry about 13 years ago

Hi all,

I am glad to announce you the release candidate of Beem-0.1.6. You can download it here .
As usual, you are all requested for some extra tests and your feedbacks will be appreciate before the release of Beem 0.1.6 planned on May 26th. Translators are encouraged to update their translations.

If you have some questions, we are still available on the mailing list or on the muc or on IRC #beem on freenode.

What have been done :

  • Bug #271: Beem doesn't display ignored messages sometimes.
  • Bug #296: Required SSL/TLS Ignored
  • Bug #341: CapsManager implementation has minor issue for the protocol
  • Bug #342: Crash when receiving an offline message
  • Bug #345: Chat crashes if set to compact
  • Feature #268: Soft keyboard improvements
  • Feature #279: Default background image
  • Feature #338: XEP-0084: User Avatar : set and change your published avatar
  • Support #240: Clean the service discovery
  • Portuguese translation

The roadmap for Beem-0.1.7 is not defined. Tell us what you want for Beem !!!
Don't worry, we are still thinking about OTR, multi-account and Jingle support and you can see the development here .



Added by Dave Johansen over 12 years ago

Hey when will Beem 0.1.7 be released?

Added by jordan hustin over 12 years ago

Thanks for the information of released.I download this application on my android's really allows me to view the state of all networks.
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Added by delbert lobo over 12 years ago

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